Exercise & Fitness

Combined with other key areas Exercise & Fitness enhance our Wellbeing.  Physical endurance, flexibility and balance.

It has been proven that there is a compelling link between physical activity and the body’s défense system.  Check the link below – from the The Coconut ? Collaboration.

We need to positively utilise our body otherwise we become inactive and unhealthy.  We are likely to create issues for ourselves if we do not maintain a level of fitness:

??‍♀️ Obesity

??‍♀️ Weakness

??‍♀️ Limited Stamina

All of these factors can lead to disease in our future lives.  Therefore it is important to focus on prevention.

As we get older, The ageing process can impact on our muscle mass and strength degeneration can result in falls and broken bones.  Therefore developing a regular exercise routine will help to reverse this process.  Remember: You are never to old to start building strength and resilience.  Many friends and colleagues will endorse the positive impact that this has on your wellbeing if you speak with them about this.

Maintaining exercise is beneficial for the prevention of heart disease, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure.  Weight bearing exercise will strengthen bones.

You will be able to maintain a healthy weight – loss of fat. Alongside a healthy nutritionally balanced diet.  There are many natural products to help support digestion.  The Coconut Collaborative have a great range that is worthy of a mention and link to explore


Gradual progression with exercise program will avoid injury and fatigue. It is advisable to build up fitness gradually over time.  Manage your fitness levels daily to avoid burn-out and exhaustion. If you experience exhaustion that feels outside your normal tolerance.  When you are in tune with your body you will be able to identify with this and it is therefore important to seek advice.

There are many different types of exercise to build up resistance: Water Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, Swimming, Float Fit are all excellent for working on our core balance.

Exercise & Fitness is an ideal way in which we can help build self esteem and confidence which can result in a reduction in stress and anxiety, helping support and enhance our general Wellbeing and Lifestyle going forward.






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Beautifully Clean Refrigerator

A beautifully clean refrigerator is not only rewarding but it can become a “motivational guilty  pleasure.”

A few steps taken daily, followed by a deep clean at regular intervals will ensure you always have a hygienic refrigerator and are subsequently motivated to fill it with wholesome, healthy food.

Like with most things, the key is in the preparation and planning to make the process is as efficient as possible and avoid food wastage.

Here are a few tips that will help point you in the right direction.

Planning Ahead

Empty all food items from the refrigerator. Bacteria can multiply quickly at room temperature so put dairy products, meat and other food that needs to be kept refrigerated in a cool bag packed with pre-chilled cool bag blocks. It’s a good idea to do the deep clean the refrigerator before you do your weekly shop when there will be less food in the refrigerator anyway.

At the same time, check the dates on food, make sure food is not past it’s best, that is past it’s use by date.

Wash shelves and drawers

Take out the salad drawer at the bottom of the refrigerator and all the removable shelves.

Wash the shelves and the salad drawers thoroughly with washing-up liquid and hot water. Take care if the shelves are glass, it’s best to let them reach room temperature first to reduce the risk of them shattering in very hot water.

Use a small brush to collect any food residue that has collected in the join between the surface of the shelf and the shelf surround. Rinse the shelves and salad drawers with clean water, then allow them to dry naturally on the drainer or dry with a clean tea towel and put them to one side if your drainer isn’t big enough.

Wipe down the interior

Now you need to turn your attention to the inside of the fridge itself. Avoid using hot water at this point as it can raise the temperature of the refrigerator and this will delay how quickly you can get your perishable food back in. Instead, apply a mixed solution of sterilising fluid  to a cloth with cold water, and use this to wipe down the interior.

Remember to pay particular attention to the grooves on the sides of the fridge interior where which the shelves rest, as they can be hotspots for dirt. A cotton bud is a handy tool for getting old food out of these. Cotton buds are also useful for fiddly places, the drop hole at the back of the fridge can become blocked and in some cases covered by ice. Dry the inside of the refrigerator thoroughly using paper towels or a clean tea towel.

Clean outer surfaces

These areas are equally as important as inside. Don’t overlook areas outside the refrigerator such as the handle and door surround, where germs can build up through frequent contact with hands. If you have a fridge freezer with the freezer at the bottom.  Use a hygienic wipe to clean down and then use a fresh corner of the towel to dry the door seal afterwards.

Allow to cool down

Replace the shelves and salad drawers.  Check the thermostat.  If you have a built in thermostat wait until the temperature inside the refrigerator falls to 5°C or below before replacing the food. (It is possible to purchase a stand alone thermometer that can sit inside the refrigerator) If your refrigerator has a fast-cool function, use it to speed up the cooling process.

Once you have completed these actions you will feel an immense sense of satisfaction, completely revitalised with a beautifully clean refrigerator that is ready to be filled up with goodness.


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Lifestyle – Sustaining “The Elixir of Life”

We tend to take our Health for granted until we don’t have it!

If you are fortunate to be Active and Healthy – you are the Wealthiest person in the world ? physically & mentally we can benefit and live life to the full with our loved ones.

We tend to take our Health for granted until we don’t have it!

If you are fortunate to be Active and Healthy – you are the Wealthiest person in the world ?  physically & mentally we can benefit and live life to the full with our loved ones.

We are designed to use our body, move and be flexible.  Inactivity can lead to issues, poor health and potentially disease.

Now more than ever, the importance of maintaining physical and mental health can not be underestimated.

There are some key areas in Body & Health that we can focus on to optimise our potential to live life to the full.

??‍♀️Nutrition – Diet and Healthy Eating.

??‍♀️Hydration – Plenty of Water/Fluids.

??‍♀️Fitness – Exercise Regularly 

??‍♀️Flexibility – Suppleness 

??‍♀️Mindfulness – Rest and Relaxation

??‍♀️Sleep – Well-being 

??‍♀️Pampering – Massage

??‍♀️Maintemance – Moisturising


Over the next few days we will be looking in a bit more detail at these key areas to help everyone live to their full potential and improving your Lifestyle.

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‘A little rest can enhance creative stimulation.’

Often it’s good to pause for a moment and think of all the creative ideas that have floated through your head in recent months and how to encapsulate them!

It maybe that with a normally busy lifestyle you simply have not have been able to do anything with them, however, now because of the extraordinary times that we find ourselves in, it means we will actually have quality time to ourselves and the opportunity to explore and develop these ideas and concepts.

Just think how fantastic it would be to encapsulate some of these ideas or creations in order to help and support others whilst that the same time, maintaining our own inner harmony and wellbeing.

On this site we will be looking at various avenues to explore and ways to introduce many thought provoking ideas that enhance communications and interactions with each other – whether that is with simple messages that inspire and influence, or practical suggestions and actions – incorporating some elements of Lifestyle sites, blogs, and videos into the mix.

Firstly, some of you may not be aware that we currently have several platforms that Lushious Life operates from:

Facebook: Lushious Life will continue to offer posts and information that focus on the key areas and values to differentiate us from other online sites.

Facebook: Lushious Life Group is aimed to offer a much more localised perspective. – local news, events and provide an update on current matters that affect our Health and Wellbeing.

Twitter: Lushious Life – providing Health, Beauty and Wellbeing updates @LindaLush1

It is intended to make this site as interactive as possible. So please if you have any suggestions that you would like included feel free to contact me at lindalush@lushiouslife.co.uk with your thoughts.

Why not spend a little time to check out webpage www.lushiouslife.co.uk – we hope you enjoy it!

#lookingforward #staysafe #lushiouslife

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Inspirational Quotes

Searching for Inspiration?

“Make your vision so clear that your fears become irrelevant.”

“Success is not final. Failure is not Final. It takes courage. It is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

“The secret to having it all – is believing you already do.”

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Found your ‘Dream Home’ but need to sell your own!?

So you’ve made the decision to sell your home ? In a challenging marketplace it is even more important to look at ways to help ensure you achieve a sale quickly whilst achieving the best possible price.

With over a decade of experience in the Housing Industry, Linda Lush – Sales Manager at Austin & Wyatt shares with us some tips to ensure you move swiftly into your new ‘Dream Home’.

? Ensure that the property is clean and tidy daily whilst on the market and that the main living areas are clutter free and kept minimalistic.

? Professional photography will enhance your home and ensure that you get people through the door. People predominantly search online portals these days when looking for property so be selective with your pictures, consider them as your ‘shop window’ First impressions count as people will instantly make a decision on whether they wish to view or not!

? Always ensure you have a floor plan in order to help your purchaser visualise the property they are buying.

? Consider your target audience. Who is most likely to purchase your property? Look at ways of appealing to this specific group of people.

? Compare the competition! Look at other similar properties for sale in the area. How does yours compare? Drive by take a look – be realistic about price. It is a price sensitive marketplace.

? Consider the property from your buyer’s perspective. Think about their dominant buying motives and decide what are the strengths and weaknesses of the property.

? Don’t forget the garden. A enchanting and enticing garden is important to many potential purchasers as it is viewed as an additional room that can be used for entertaining, dining as well as the more traditional uses, playing and enjoying.

? Give your buyer time and space to look around. Work closely with your agent. They will call on your assistance if there are any queries that need to be addressed.

For most people their home is their biggest financial asset/investment. Think of it this way – the more time and effort put into getting it to look it’s best will be repaid when you receive an offer and agree a sale at an optimum price.

Your dreams – our passion.

Contact Austin & Wyatt Ringwood 01425 478786 where the team will be happy to guide you through the process and provide you with assistance.

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Boozy Truffles!

Simple but delicious treats!

  • 225g Milk Chocolate
  • 60ml Red Wine
  • 1TSP Ground Cinnamon
  • 1/2 TSP for dusting
    1. Melt chocolate in a heat resistant glass Pyrex bowl, over a saucepan of boiling water.
      Whilst it melts pour the wine into a bowl and whisk in the ground cinnamon.
      Once the chocolate has melted mix to spiced wine together until you have a smooth and thick consistency. Put the ganache in the fridge for 1-2 hours until it has set.
      Use a scoop or teaspoon to scoop out balls of the ganache, 1-2cm the size of a coin then roll them between your palms.
      Place the truffles on a plate and dust with cinnamon. Keep in fridge until ready to serve – or are demolished by the family!

    Serves 14

    What better way to round off the extended weekend!

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    As 2017 rapidly draws to a conclusion…….. we look forward to what 2018 will bring!

    Continue reading “As 2017 rapidly draws to a conclusion…….. we look forward to what 2018 will bring!”

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