Exercise & Fitness

Combined with other key areas Exercise & Fitness enhance our Wellbeing.  Physical endurance, flexibility and balance.

It has been proven that there is a compelling link between physical activity and the body’s défense system.  Check the link below – from the The Coconut ? Collaboration.

We need to positively utilise our body otherwise we become inactive and unhealthy.  We are likely to create issues for ourselves if we do not maintain a level of fitness:

??‍♀️ Obesity

??‍♀️ Weakness

??‍♀️ Limited Stamina

All of these factors can lead to disease in our future lives.  Therefore it is important to focus on prevention.

As we get older, The ageing process can impact on our muscle mass and strength degeneration can result in falls and broken bones.  Therefore developing a regular exercise routine will help to reverse this process.  Remember: You are never to old to start building strength and resilience.  Many friends and colleagues will endorse the positive impact that this has on your wellbeing if you speak with them about this.

Maintaining exercise is beneficial for the prevention of heart disease, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure.  Weight bearing exercise will strengthen bones.

You will be able to maintain a healthy weight – loss of fat. Alongside a healthy nutritionally balanced diet.  There are many natural products to help support digestion.  The Coconut Collaborative have a great range that is worthy of a mention and link to explore


Gradual progression with exercise program will avoid injury and fatigue. It is advisable to build up fitness gradually over time.  Manage your fitness levels daily to avoid burn-out and exhaustion. If you experience exhaustion that feels outside your normal tolerance.  When you are in tune with your body you will be able to identify with this and it is therefore important to seek advice.

There are many different types of exercise to build up resistance: Water Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, Swimming, Float Fit are all excellent for working on our core balance.

Exercise & Fitness is an ideal way in which we can help build self esteem and confidence which can result in a reduction in stress and anxiety, helping support and enhance our general Wellbeing and Lifestyle going forward.






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Nutrition & Diet

Nutrition & Diet:  The phrase ‘You Are What You Eat‘ means that it is important to eat good food in order to be healthy and fit.

The Food we put into our body forms the fundamental building blocks, for healthy cells in order to reproduce and thrive.

We all have different dietary needs and requirements at different stages throughout our lives.

As a baby we rely primarily on milk until such times that we move onto solids as a toddler.  Throughout Childhood we burn energy and need nutritional content to sustain the rapid growth levels through to teenagers and adulthood.  In our senior years our intake generally reduces becoming richer in vitamins and nutrients.

At all stages in life It is important to keep a structure – in adulthood this generally consists of

Breakfast ?Lunch ?Dinner ?


Lean meat ?Fish ?Eggs ?Nuts ?

Low Saturated Fat

Fruit ??Low fat products

Always check food labels ?to identify the highest components elements.

It is also important to manage portion sizes – to satisfy hunger and stop, to avoid weight gain.

Some useful tips include:

  • Avoid sugar enhanced drinks – Diet drinks stimulate hunger
  • Avoid – large meal before sleeping.
  • Emotional Eating – underlying issues.
  • Limit Snacks as rewards, they can become habit.
  • Light meals in Summer – seasonal.
  • Vegetarian – Healthy Lifestyle however, check with the doctor you are getting enough vitamins, minerals, iron in diet.
  • Food heated and cooked over 165F will destroy most harmful Bacteria.
  • Avoid uncooked meats of any type.

It’s fair to say that a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet is one of the key factors required to maintain wellbeing.  If you combine this with the tiger key areas such as regular exercise, fitness and sufficient hydration, it will undoubtedly lead to a more fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle in the future.

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Mind, Body, Relaxation.


In these unprecedented times, where people are concerned with COVID 19. There is nothing more stimulating and refreshing than enjoying the beautiful natural environment. #lushiouslife

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My Wessex Way Challenge 2018

This week I have been busy walking to raise funds for The Wessex Cancer Trust – Old Sarum and back home on Monday and virtually walking/cycling at the gym during the rest of the week.

In order to help with my challenge Parkwood Health & Fitness Salisbury have very kindly agreed to donate a months membership with access to all facilities, gym, pool, sauna, steam room. (See link)

This is a great opportunity to tone up and get fit! I will be auctioning this off this prize to the highest bidder. Closing date 31 Jan 2018.

In addition Nat an experienced PT at Parkwood has kindly donated two free personal training sessions that will be auctioned to the highest bidder. Closing date 31 Jan 2018

if you would like to win either of these prizes. Please message me with your bid by 31 Jan 2018. Feel free to share this post with friends and family or anyone that you think would be interested in the meantime.

Good luck everyone!

Many thanks.
Linda x



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Health Check – Simple steps to help keep an eye on your health!

If you want to keep an eye on your health, you could do worse than to spend a few minutes scrutinizing your body in the mirror. Are your eyes pink? Have your nails turned brown at the top? Noticing small changes can nudge you into paying attention to potential problems, as I found out during a recent facial. “Do you have high cholesterol?” creamy spots round my eyes? which could be full of fatty cholesterol. Of course, it’s vital not to let symptom-spotting get out of hand: Trivial signs are often just that. It’s when they persist, or are combined with other symptoms, that they become important. If that’s the case, see your doctor.

1. Going grey before 40
Premature greying can have a medical cause. “If you have 50% grey hair before the age of 40, it is worth being checked for diabetes.

2. Rough spots
Crusty blemishes, or keratoses, are usually benign. Dark ones often run in families, but are harmless. Solar keratoses, however, are triggered by sun damage and are an early warning of skin cancer, so seek advice.

3. Short brows
Losing hair from the outer edge of your brows is a sign of an under active thyroid. It thins hair on your head too, but treatment is available that will soon restore your crowning glory.

4. Hooded eyelids
They may look sultry, but have them checked — the cause could be more than aging or a family trait. If they droop so much that your sight is impaired, this is the one time you can have an eye-lift on your insurance.

5. Not-so-white whites
This usually means you’re tired, hungover, or just made that way, but watch out for whites that turn yellow when you’re run down — it may be a sign of Gilbert’s Syndrome, where bilirubin builds up in the blood, causing jaundice. “Pink eye” is a common name for conjunctivitis. If it persists, have a test for chlamydia, which can inflame eyes.

6. Creased earlobes
Earlobe creases probably increase with age, as does the likelihood of heart disease, diagonal crease can up the risk of heart disease by a third and 77% if both lobes are affected. The theory is the line shows a lack of elasticity, which also affects the arteries. But the culprit also could be also aging:

7. Flushed face
Red cheeks and nose (rosacea) often affects women aged between 30 and 55. Stress, sun, and spicy foods make blood vessels dilate, so limit your exposure. Rosacea can affect the eyes and is sometimes confused with lupus. See a general practitioner, who can prescribe antibiotics.

8. Cracked lips
Cracks at the corners of your mouth are sometimes caused by a shortage of B vitamins or zinc. With long-term cracks, a fungal infection may set in. Treatments for oral thrush may help.

9. Sunless tan
Darkening skin is worth reporting to your doctor. A rare cause is Addison’s disease (failure of the adrenal glands), which also makes you tired, sick, and achy. If you do have it, the good news is that it can be treated.

10. Chicken skin
Permanent goosebumps, caused by an overgrowth of keratin, are common — one in three of us have them, usually on the arms. They’re harmless, but if they bother you, use a soap-free body wash and plenty of moisturizer.  If they flare up, your dermatologist may prescribe a steroid cream.

11. Red palms
These can be an early symptom of liver disease — you’ll probably feel sick and lethargic, too. It’s wise to ask for medical advice quickly to limit the damage

12. Unsightly nails
A horizontal line (or Beau’s line) can be a sign of past illness or poor nutrition — or that you’ve hit your nail with a hammer. But if they keep appearing, take steps to improve your health. Spoon-shaped nails that curve outwards can be a symptom of anaemia. And nails that are pale at the cuticle and brownish-red at the tip could mean your kidneys are struggling.

13. Cold feet
They are a long way from your heart, so your feet are often the first place vascular disease shows up. Abnormally cold feet and hands are linked to Raynaud’s syndrome, where the blood supply drains from fingers and toes. But don’t just reach for your socks — Raynaud’s is linked to several autoimmune conditions, so it needs to be checked out.

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Skin Conditions & Characteristics

Did you know that certain skin conditions and characteristics are linked to your digestive health.

If you are intolerant to certain types of drink or food, you might see certain parts of your face reacting to stress in the gut in a number of ways.

Take a look – it’s fascinating.


Lines and wrinkles on the forehead, sagging under the eyes, gaunt look to the face, painful pustular pimples all over the face, thinning of the skin, a grey/pasty white hue to the skin, thinner eyebrows.

It can disrupt the bacteria in your gut triggering pimples.

Face Mapping (an ancient idea that links parts of your face to organs in your body) indicates your digestive tract is linked to your forehead so you’ll see dry patches and pimples there.

Spikes in insulin can put pressure on adrenal glands which in part control brow growth, so you can see thinning or sparse brows.


Pronounced lines or redness between the eyes, droopy eyelids, enlarged pores, dehydrated skin with feathery lines across cheeks, reddish cheeks and nose, deep nasolabial folds.

Alcohol is dehydrating which worsens lines and wrinkles.

Face Mapping indicates the area between the brows is linked to liver health, so you can see more lines here.

Alcohol can cause capillaries to dilate resulting in flushed cheeks.


Puffy red cheeks, dark pigmentation patches or spots around chin.

An increase in inflammatory reactions in your body, caused by gluten, can lead to bloated or flushed skin.

If you react to gluten your immune system reacts which affects the reproductive balance, which can lead to hormonal pimples around the chin specifically.


Swollen eyelids, bags and dark circles under eyes, small white spots and bumps on the chin.

A common lactose intolerance can also affect the immune system leading to more inflammatory responses in the body. Just as a swollen ankle happens when you damage it, your eyes can become puffy and bags more pronounced.

The estrogen and progesterone hormones in milk cause your skin cells to over-produce which block pores, bind with sebum and cause spots.

Can you identify with any of the  characteristics?


If you do, we help identify why!

Is it a habit?

Understanding what causes the reaction gives you to ability to deal with matters and promote inner harmony.


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Healthy Sleep Remedy


We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. In recent years, the average amount of sleep has been steadily decreasing. In both men and women, the average amount of sleep has dropped from 7-8 hours a night to 6-7 hours.

While this might not seem like a big difference to some, it makes a huge difference to your body.

During the day, your body is working hard to keep up with your daily activities and it requires the appropriate amount of time to rest, recover, and recharge to do it all over again.

Most people think that not getting a good night’s sleep simply means you’ll be a little tired the next day, maybe a little foggy. It’s nothing that a cup of coffee can’t fix, right?  I find that coffee does help if you’ve had a sleepless night but loading yourself up with caffeine is a band-aid solution and not a permanent fix.

Health and Lack of Sleep

A lack of sleep is also a factor in some of the most serious health problems in people and can be a trigger for illness and disease. People who have a shortened sleep, which is defined by less than 6 hours are at an increased risk of heart disease or stroke.

Interestingly enough, long sleepers, or people who average nine or more hours a night, also showed an increased risk in developing or dying from coronary heart disease and a 65% increased risk of stroke. With sleep, as with most things, balance is the most important thing.

People that suffer from sleep deprivation are predicted higher blood pressure. For most people, the body uses the time you are asleep to lower blood pressure, and with a shorter amount of sleep there may not be enough time for this dip to take place.

So what are the Daily Distractions?

The world we live in today does not make it any easier for us to get a good night’s sleep. People are reporting higher levels of stress caused by things like work, current events, family situations, and other factors that have not affected past generations.

We are also using more and more technology that affects our sleep cycles without us even realizing it.

There are many sleep aids that can be purchased but they are artificial and may even lead to dependency with some people.

Thankfully , nature has provided us with a natural solution to this ever increasing problem.

Do you need a Healthy Sleep Remedy?

If your struggling to get a good night sleep, why not try this simple, two ingredient solution. It will help your body relax and reform from the day and prepare itself for the next morning.

All you need is:

5 teaspoons of organic raw honey
1 teaspoon of pink Himalayan sea salt

Mix these two ingredients together and store it in a glass jar. You can make as much or as little as you want, but a 5:1 ratio works the best. Just put a little bit of this mixture under your tongue every night before you go to sleep and let it dissolve naturally.

Salt and Honey Mixture

Himalayan sea salt contains more than 80 minerals and elements that your body needs for different processes, aiding your body in recovering from the day. Honey contains glucose with aids in supplying our body’s cells with energy.

This salt and honey combination works to increase serotonin as well, helping us to de-stress naturally allowing us to get the best sleep possible.

So try out this natural sleep aid, and rest easy knowing your body will be ready to face the day.


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Health – Hot Water & Lemon

Health Drink


Are you preparing your hot water with lemon drink correctly to benefit from miraculous advantages?

A single glass of hot lemon water before breakfast can not only help you stay hydrated, but also improve digestion and regulate an overactive appetite.  Prepared successfully it eliminates accumulated toxins in the body, whilst at the same time, improves the function of the digestive system.

It has amazing natural cleansing properties and the ability to increase detoxification due to the lemon’s bitterness, which activates the bile flow, helping emulsify and remove fat soluble toxins.

Is this not enough reason to start drinking lemon water tomorrow morning!?

There is however,one thing to bear in mind and not forget and that is the most important ingredient in the preparation of your glass of lemon water – to add some lemon zest!

The lemon skin contains the flavonoid limonin, the bitter, white, crystalline substance found in citrus and this is where the detox properties come from. Adding the lemon zest will help you make use of all the benefits that this drink offers.

To conclude, the next time you prepare your glass of hot lemon water, remember to add at least half a teaspoon of lemon zest to it, which will provide you with maximum health benefits.

Hot water and lemon has become an increasingly popular everyday routine nowadays. Now you know why! Enjoy!


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Daily Health Journal

Healthy Choices! Fun Challenge – Daily Journal for those aspiring to enhance and improve their lifestyle.


We all need a little structure in our life. Why not take a look at how you can actively begin shaping your new life.

Start the day – Wake up with a nice big glass of water, get the metabolism moving and prevent bloating. Having a small snack ready will ensure you get some quick carbs and protein into your system. Banana and Almond are great to jump start the metabolism.

Now go and work-out! it is a known fact that people who participate in morning exercises tend to work out longer and more intensely than those who sweat it out during other times of the day. It will keep your metabolism burning more calories during the day.

Make sure you stretch after exercise. Why not do this whilst you are In the shower?

Enjoy a filling breakfast including protein and carbs, you’ll have plenty of time to burn them off.

After breakfast, prepare lunch for later.

Ensure you fill your reusable water bottle when you arrive at work. You will then be able to sip water throughout the morning. Staying hydrated will prevent hunger and the temptation to snack.

Make sure you have a mid-morning snack of some fibre, try to keep it around 150 calories.

Whilst you have a spare moment create a Daily Health Journal and take some time to fill it in. Write down what you’ve eaten and how much you have exercised it will keep you focused, giving you an idea of calorie intake and keep you motivated to achieving your goals.

Mid-day, Get yourself moving – go for a walk, bike ride do some strength training exercises.

After your walk or activity, eat the healthy lunch you packed from home – low fat protein fibre fresh veggies whole grain and fruit for desert. Enjoy with some water.


After lunch has settled, keep walking, either on the phone or in a meeting, walking can help you think more clearly while burning calories.

Md-afternoon have a snack ready to keep energy levels going till dinner. Opt for something sweet or indulging to prevent over eating later.

Sip green tea – caffeine will give you a little pep and green tea has been shown to suppress the appetite and increase metabolism.

Walk or bike from work to help release work stress, which can trigger overeating.
For dinner choose low calorie veggies, low fat proteins and grains. Put away left overs to prevent overeating and going back for more!

After dinner brush your teeth while doing this, do some squats to tone your legs, the minty breath will prevent mindless late night snacking.

In the evening, RELAX in front of TV – doing strength exercises during commercials.

Prepare and make sure you have your workout gear ready for tomorrow, think about your breathing, get comfy in your favourite chair, this will encourage sleepiness.

At the end of the day snuggle into bed and prepare to dream – sweet dreams! Getting enough sleep is proven to help maintain emotional stability and a healthy lifestyle.


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