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Nutrition & Diet:  The phrase ‘You Are What You Eat‘ means that it is important to eat good food in order to be healthy and fit.

The Food we put into our body forms the fundamental building blocks, for healthy cells in order to reproduce and thrive.

We all have different dietary needs and requirements at different stages throughout our lives.

As a baby we rely primarily on milk until such times that we move onto solids as a toddler.  Throughout Childhood we burn energy and need nutritional content to sustain the rapid growth levels through to teenagers and adulthood.  In our senior years our intake generally reduces becoming richer in vitamins and nutrients.

At all stages in life It is important to keep a structure – in adulthood this generally consists of

Breakfast ?Lunch ?Dinner ?


Lean meat ?Fish ?Eggs ?Nuts ?

Low Saturated Fat

Fruit ??Low fat products

Always check food labels ?to identify the highest components elements.

It is also important to manage portion sizes – to satisfy hunger and stop, to avoid weight gain.

Some useful tips include:

  • Avoid sugar enhanced drinks – Diet drinks stimulate hunger
  • Avoid – large meal before sleeping.
  • Emotional Eating – underlying issues.
  • Limit Snacks as rewards, they can become habit.
  • Light meals in Summer – seasonal.
  • Vegetarian – Healthy Lifestyle however, check with the doctor you are getting enough vitamins, minerals, iron in diet.
  • Food heated and cooked over 165F will destroy most harmful Bacteria.
  • Avoid uncooked meats of any type.

It’s fair to say that a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet is one of the key factors required to maintain wellbeing.  If you combine this with the tiger key areas such as regular exercise, fitness and sufficient hydration, it will undoubtedly lead to a more fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle in the future.

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