A Life On Our Planet ?

Sir David Attenborough – A Personal Witness Statement and Vision For The Future – A Life On Our Planet. ?

“ Our planet is Precious” we should all take a moment to enjoy it’s natural beauty, whilst at the same time, consider how we can preserve it for future generations.

How can we help?

One Key Area is to minimalise waste in all forms:

Organic: Vegetables, Flowers, Leaves, Fruits.

Toxic: Old Medicines, Paints, Chemicals and Pesticides, Batteries, Bulbs, Spray Cans.

Recyclable: Glass, Paper, Metals, Plastics.

With a little thought and consideration “we can all make a difference”

Let’s make the difference!

The film has been produced by

award-winning wildlife film-makers Silverback Films and global environmental organisation WWF.  A fascinating reflection of one persons lifetime of dedication to the natural world. ?

#WWF #worldwildlifefund

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