As 2017 rapidly draws to a conclusion…….. we look forward to what 2018 will bring!

I don’t know about your year,  but I’ve had to virtually write off 2017 after a shock diagnosis of Breast Cancer on 14 February.

I was swiftly transported into a whirlwind of what really is a First Class NHS system, having undergone surgery at the end of March, had 8 nodes removed, closely followed by 6 sessions of Chemotherapy lasting 18 weeks, this meant celebrating my daughters prom night and my Birthday in the middle of treatment.  It wasn’t quite how I’d planned to spend these special occasions.  During the treatment I was lucky to have the support of an amazing team of Community Nurses who looked after me and my PICC line and administered 36 injections to support my immune system in between treatments (Those that know me, know I’m not partial to needles – needle phobia, so yes I was counting!)   After Chemotherapy I had 15 sessions of Radiotherapy, driving to Southampton for my daily treatment and then on to adventure to keep things interesting, this culminated in me finding the amazing Burley Manor on one of my many excursions.  After all,  life is for living.

Yes it’s been challenging at times, however what an amazing experience on the whole. I embraced the diagnosis and treatment with positivity and clarity. The mental battle probably being the hardest to overcome.  It does make you look at your life rather differently in a way I could never have imagined with new appreciation of what is important, I have come to realise the futility of individual negativity.

My amazing daughter has coped so well and I am truly proud of the beautiful young lady she has become, dealing with matters with such maturity.  I am so grateful to my amazing friends that have rallied round and stood by me throughout the journey.  Yes, I have encountered disappointment on the way and  have had to accept that a cancer diagnosis is not something everyone is able to deal with.

In October My consultant advised me that I was clear of Cancer – officially in remission and thankfully the physical wounds have healed.   Since receiving this wonderful news I’ve been keen to give something back to the community with a beaming smile.  In January I will be virtually walking The Wessex Way –  165 miles in total for the Wessex Cancer Trust, so keep a look out for further information.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone, friends, family and associates a very happy 2018 full of love, hope, laughter and exciting opportunities. ❤️  Linda


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