Fitness for ALL

Do you aspire to get fit?

Often wondered what it takes and how your going to achieve it?

Keep reading and discover the secrets of success and transformation!

As the evenings draw in, it is easy to sit back and cosy up in front of the fire and hibernate.

We all have good intentions when it comes to fitness, however unless we really commit ourselves to a disciplined programme our efforts and endeavours will simply be in vain!

With a little focus on what is important – a healthy lifestyle, health and wellbeing, it is possible to achieve some truly amazing results.

Achieving and maintaining a sustainable level of fitness relies on many factors, not least an organised routine and a dedicated work out ethic – like all good things it takes effort and determination to succeed.

Remember, little steps at a time, one at a time.  Have a goal that you can work to, achieve and exceed. Never give up!  The results will come!

To help inspire and motivate, here are some simple steps to assist you with your fitness.

Use the Daily Health Journal on to record your performance, achievements and goals for today and targets for the future.  It is critical that you listen to your body and its needs.

It’s a fact that nutrition plays a major part in your overall fitness.  It is generally considered that fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. What you put into your body will ultimately determine what you get out by means of performance and results.

Look after your body:

The body needs food, for energy.

Protein to repair and rejuvenate.   A really good source of protein is Salmon Omega 3,  Eggs and Wholefoods/Grains.

Vitamins provide essential nutrients that promote health and wellbeing.

Keep the body hydrated:  WATER will keep the cells hydrated and has miraculous properties, activating internal organs, assisting with digestion and preventing high blood pressure, reducing the risk of Stroke and Heart Attack.  In addition, another key benefit is that it keeps the skin radiant, youthful and positively glowing.


A 20 minute walk a day, will provide significant health benefits, keeping the joints moving and oxygen flowing around the body.  In addition it will clear the mind and relieve stress or anxiety.

Set yourself goals,  whether your running a mile or a marathon.  Keep a record or your achievements in your journal.  On a personal note, I’ve just completed my first sub 10 minute mile (9:44) and the feeling of euphoria at achieving and smashing my target has really motivated me to continue to do better.  I’m now looking at a sub 30 minute 5k!   I will achieve this, with persistence, grit and determination!


Improve your own performance by tracking your progress against others on

Alternatively, why not enrol in a Yoga or Pilates class to enhance the feeling of wellbeing, improve posture and strength,  relieve stress or anxiety and improve your quality of sleep and concentration.


Finally, Learn how to relax, stay calm.  Allow your body to cool off before you sleep.  Sleep will help you on the road to good fitness, good eating and good health and wellbeing.


These simple steps will undoubtedly transform your overall fitness levels and your life!  Let me know how you get on.

Share your success with me,  I’d really love to hear how you get on! Good Luck!







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