Fitness for ALL

Do you aspire to get fit?

Often wondered what it takes and how your going to achieve it?

Keep reading and discover the secrets of success and transformation!

As the evenings draw in, it is easy to sit back and cosy up in front of the fire and hibernate.

We all have good intentions when it comes to fitness, however unless we really commit ourselves to a disciplined programme our efforts and endeavours will simply be in vain!

With a little focus on what is important – a healthy lifestyle, health and wellbeing, it is possible to achieve some truly amazing results.

Achieving and maintaining a sustainable level of fitness relies on many factors, not least an organised routine and a dedicated work out ethic – like all good things it takes effort and determination to succeed.

Remember, little steps at a time, one at a time.  Have a goal that you can work to, achieve and exceed. Never give up!  The results will come!

To help inspire and motivate, here are some simple steps to assist you with your fitness.

Use the Daily Health Journal on to record your performance, achievements and goals for today and targets for the future.  It is critical that you listen to your body and its needs.

It’s a fact that nutrition plays a major part in your overall fitness.  It is generally considered that fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. What you put into your body will ultimately determine what you get out by means of performance and results.

Look after your body:

The body needs food, for energy.

Protein to repair and rejuvenate.   A really good source of protein is Salmon Omega 3,  Eggs and Wholefoods/Grains.

Vitamins provide essential nutrients that promote health and wellbeing.

Keep the body hydrated:  WATER will keep the cells hydrated and has miraculous properties, activating internal organs, assisting with digestion and preventing high blood pressure, reducing the risk of Stroke and Heart Attack.  In addition, another key benefit is that it keeps the skin radiant, youthful and positively glowing.


A 20 minute walk a day, will provide significant health benefits, keeping the joints moving and oxygen flowing around the body.  In addition it will clear the mind and relieve stress or anxiety.

Set yourself goals,  whether your running a mile or a marathon.  Keep a record or your achievements in your journal.  On a personal note, I’ve just completed my first sub 10 minute mile (9:44) and the feeling of euphoria at achieving and smashing my target has really motivated me to continue to do better.  I’m now looking at a sub 30 minute 5k!   I will achieve this, with persistence, grit and determination!


Improve your own performance by tracking your progress against others on

Alternatively, why not enrol in a Yoga or Pilates class to enhance the feeling of wellbeing, improve posture and strength,  relieve stress or anxiety and improve your quality of sleep and concentration.


Finally, Learn how to relax, stay calm.  Allow your body to cool off before you sleep.  Sleep will help you on the road to good fitness, good eating and good health and wellbeing.


These simple steps will undoubtedly transform your overall fitness levels and your life!  Let me know how you get on.

Share your success with me,  I’d really love to hear how you get on! Good Luck!







Your Face – Are you taking good care of it!?

It’s the first thing that people see when they meet you. The first impression you create is made in seconds! How important is it to you that people like what they see?


Do you want people to admire the way you look and comment accordingly on a good complexion, beautiful eyes, make up and contiuring?

What if anything are you doing to get results?

Here are a few simple steps you can take that will help ensure you have a healthy, beautiful face that glows and prompts others to ask – “What’s your secret!?”

1. A clean diet, water and exercise.
2. Remove make-up
Cleansing with oil before foam wash is known as a double cleanse.
3. Cleanse daily exfoliate 2-3 times a week.
Foam cleanser is thought to be better for oily/combination skin while milk cleanser is better for dry/sensitive skin.
Dry with a towel or tap dry with fingers.
4. Balanced pH levels and use an effective Alcohol free toner. Alcohol is dehydrating. Apply with cotton wool pad or fingers.
5. Face mask: A popular mask is Egg White & Honey. Use Ice cubes on the face to reduce swelling or irritation.
6. Treatment Products in abundance. Use the lightest texture product before the heavier as that’s the order your skin absorbs things.
7. Facial exercises. Stimulate the circulation by massage, sculpting the face, capturing the warmth by cupping your face, contouring smile lines.
8. Treat delicate areas with your ring finger.
Under eye strips are effective and will help with puffiness.
9. Moisturise like mad upward strokes from the centre. Warm the product before applying and patting rather than rubbing on your face will help it absorb.
10. Dowse yourself with sunscreen. Venture out in a wide brimmed hat to prevent exposure to the sun rays.
11. Dehydration is the enemy! Facial mists are wonderful for keeping your skin moisturised all day.

Health – Hot Water & Lemon

Health Drink


Are you preparing your hot water with lemon drink correctly to benefit from miraculous advantages?

A single glass of hot lemon water before breakfast can not only help you stay hydrated, but also improve digestion and regulate an overactive appetite.  Prepared successfully it eliminates accumulated toxins in the body, whilst at the same time, improves the function of the digestive system.

It has amazing natural cleansing properties and the ability to increase detoxification due to the lemon’s bitterness, which activates the bile flow, helping emulsify and remove fat soluble toxins.

Is this not enough reason to start drinking lemon water tomorrow morning!?

There is however,one thing to bear in mind and not forget and that is the most important ingredient in the preparation of your glass of lemon water – to add some lemon zest!

The lemon skin contains the flavonoid limonin, the bitter, white, crystalline substance found in citrus and this is where the detox properties come from. Adding the lemon zest will help you make use of all the benefits that this drink offers.

To conclude, the next time you prepare your glass of hot lemon water, remember to add at least half a teaspoon of lemon zest to it, which will provide you with maximum health benefits.

Hot water and lemon has become an increasingly popular everyday routine nowadays. Now you know why! Enjoy!

Daily Health Journal

Healthy Choices! Fun Challenge – Daily Journal for those aspiring to enhance and improve their lifestyle.


We all need a little structure in our life. Why not take a look at how you can actively begin shaping your new life.

Start the day – Wake up with a nice big glass of water, get the metabolism moving and prevent bloating. Having a small snack ready will ensure you get some quick carbs and protein into your system. Banana and Almond are great to jump start the metabolism.

Now go and work-out! it is a known fact that people who participate in morning exercises tend to work out longer and more intensely than those who sweat it out during other times of the day. It will keep your metabolism burning more calories during the day.

Make sure you stretch after exercise. Why not do this whilst you are In the shower?

Enjoy a filling breakfast including protein and carbs, you’ll have plenty of time to burn them off.

After breakfast, prepare lunch for later.

Ensure you fill your reusable water bottle when you arrive at work. You will then be able to sip water throughout the morning. Staying hydrated will prevent hunger and the temptation to snack.

Make sure you have a mid-morning snack of some fibre, try to keep it around 150 calories.

Whilst you have a spare moment create a Daily Health Journal and take some time to fill it in. Write down what you’ve eaten and how much you have exercised it will keep you focused, giving you an idea of calorie intake and keep you motivated to achieving your goals.

Mid-day, Get yourself moving – go for a walk, bike ride do some strength training exercises.

After your walk or activity, eat the healthy lunch you packed from home – low fat protein fibre fresh veggies whole grain and fruit for desert. Enjoy with some water.


After lunch has settled, keep walking, either on the phone or in a meeting, walking can help you think more clearly while burning calories.

Md-afternoon have a snack ready to keep energy levels going till dinner. Opt for something sweet or indulging to prevent over eating later.

Sip green tea – caffeine will give you a little pep and green tea has been shown to suppress the appetite and increase metabolism.

Walk or bike from work to help release work stress, which can trigger overeating.
For dinner choose low calorie veggies, low fat proteins and grains. Put away left overs to prevent overeating and going back for more!

After dinner brush your teeth while doing this, do some squats to tone your legs, the minty breath will prevent mindless late night snacking.

In the evening, RELAX in front of TV – doing strength exercises during commercials.

Prepare and make sure you have your workout gear ready for tomorrow, think about your breathing, get comfy in your favourite chair, this will encourage sleepiness.

At the end of the day snuggle into bed and prepare to dream – sweet dreams! Getting enough sleep is proven to help maintain emotional stability and a healthy lifestyle.




With summer upon us and temperatures rising, we all want to stay cool and look great. No one wants to have to spend hours stuck inside shaving. When it comes to smooth delightful skin, there’s only one way: wax on, wax off.

Unfortunately, too many people men and women are put off this excellent method of hair-removal by fears of the pain that comes with a waxing session. Although discomfort is inevitable, it shouldn’t put you off waxing as there are plenty of ways to minimise it for a less painful (if not pain-free!) experience.

To get the best results, preparation is essential. Make sure not to shave for at least three weeks before you wax; shaving shortens and thickens the hairs, not only making them much harder to remove but also making areas more sensitive and painful to touch.

Sadly there is nothing you can do to get rid of the pain of waxing completely. If you are really worried, you can try taking an ibuprofen half an hour before you head to the treatment. That way, pain will be minimised while the ibuprofen has the added benefit of reducing any redness or swelling.

It’s also a great idea to get waxing before summer actually arrives. A steady stream of waxing sessions will do wonders for reducing hair regrowth so that, by the time you’re ready to head away on holiday, unwanted hair should be the least of your worries.


If you leave waxing until the summer, make sure not to sunbathe just before your session as waxing sun-burnt or sun-damaged skin is not a good idea at all.

Similarly, try not to sunbathe for at least 48 hours after your session. Waxing can remove the top layer of skin, leaving it vulnerable to sun damage, so make sure to apply plenty of SPF for protection. Try not to apply any perfumed lotions, wear rough clothing or dive into any public swimming baths during those crucial following days too. The sensitive new skin exposed by waxing can be prone to rashes and infections, scratches may become sore or swollen without care.

Always give the skin plenty of time to rest after a hair removal session.


I know it sounds daunting but the results of waxing speak for themselves. They say: No Pain, No Gain, so follow these handy hints and have cool, smooth, skin in no time.

Linda Lush – Lushious Life


The Big Lunch 2015 – Southampton

Looking for something to do this Sunday?

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Fete Games, Raffle, Entertainment, Face Painting, Bouncy Castle, Hog Roast, Doughnut & Sweet Stall and much, much more…….

All funds raised on the day go to the NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit, Southampton General Hospital.  ‘Such a good cause’.

So….. Don’t forget to leave a space in your diary!

Look forward to seeing you there?

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The Big Lunch 2015 – Southampton



THE VENUE – WIWAwards – 13 June 2015

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What a beautiful venue for such a great event.  Looking forward to meeting some truly inspirational women and hearing about their endeavours and experiences.

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Women Inspiring Women Awards 2015

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JUST a top coat which is the gel on regular nail polish!

You don’t have a limited colour selection of gels.

It doesn’t take any longer than a normal manicure plus drying time.

Removal is easy with minimal filing.

No boisterous process as with colour and topcoat in gel form.

Less damage to nails – as nail varnish sits on natural nails.  No soaking in Pure Acetone which is extremely drying.


Seems like a smart idea? Too good to be true?

Well this is feasible but you need a little patience.


The regular nail Polish has to be completely dry. (drying time can vary, but is usually 20 mins for a regular manicure, however, it is worth noting that some solvents can take 24 hours to dry). Care has to be taken not to seal in wet polish or the gel topcoat will just slip off!


This technique is not guaranteed but it is certainly worth persevering with to see what works for you, ensuring you get the full benefits.